Built4Life Explosive Strength Program

"Strength Program for Big Gains!" at is written by one of our trusted training partners and certified strength Coach Eric Wells.

If you're an intermediate lifter looking to add some serious size and strength grab this program and be ready to see and feel the difference.

Here is an excerpt from the intro to that program:

"K.I.S.S, keep it simple stupid, an acronym I have found to love in all of my trainer exploits with my clients and myself. In my years of training I have found that usually the most successful programs are often the simplest. A mentor of mine once told me, “if YOU want to be strong and you want your clients/athletes to be strong, then you must be GREAT at the basics” That’s just what this program is, meat and potatoes, emphasizing the basics. The absolute BEST thing you can do in your training, and with this program, is be CONSISTENT. Do not miss, if you have to miss a day make it up on one of your scheduled rest days. I guarantee you will experience some sort of positive result in any type of training if you stay consistent. This program is designed for intermediate-advanced lifters. If you are just beginning on your strength training journey, I highly recommend the 5x5 protocol, or Jim Wendler’s 5,3,1 boring but big program."

For more info watch video below where we dive into some sample exercises from this program..

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