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built4thehunt training plan Kickstart Workout Plan

  • Macro-cycle plan focused on aerobic capacity and strength endurance training. It combines both traditional strength endurance protocols that we use for bodyweight exercises as well as another protocol for heavier barbell based exercises.
  • This program is great for those looking to build a bigger base and increase their muscular endurance.
  • 5 weeks of Programming!

  • This program incorporates Kettlebell's into workouts targeting Strength, Conditioning and Cardiovascular endurance throughout a one month total duration.
  • Warm ups are often utilizing the kettlebells and runs, hikes and other methods of cardio can be found in-between workouts or in the sets within the workouts.
built4thehunt training plan Strength Program for BIG Gains

  • If you're an intermediate lifter looking to add some serious size and strength grab this program and be ready to see and feel the difference.
  • "K.I.S.S, keep it simple stupid method with a straightforward approach to putting on size and strength.
  • This program is designed for intermediate to advanced lifters.
  • 17 Weeks of Programming!

  • No Equipment? No Problem!
  • This Program consists of 10 individual circuits. Five for lower body and five for upper body.
  • Complete one circuit for your daily. workout, alternating between upper body and lower body days each day with one workout per day.
  • 30 Days Of Programming.

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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

This is an all around workout program from start to finish to exploit and address any weakness your body

and mindmay have in regards to preparing to hit the backcountry.

You will find yourself to not only gain physical strength and endurance, but the confidence in yourself and your capabilities.

I strongly suggest this program for anyone who wants to have a great outdoor experience."





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