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Backcountry Beast Workout Plan

"The seasons change throughout the year, just like the animals that you hunt. So why shouldn't your training adapt too? 

Introducing Backcountry Beast - a three month training program for bow hunters that adapts based on the time of year. This program utilizes mathematical algorithms to ensure that you are not only progressing with each training session, but that you are also limiting your risk for injury by allowing for adequate recovery periods. No matter the terrain you'll be hunting, Backcountry Beast will get you in peak condition.

The program consists of 3 overall components: conditioning, static archery, and dynamic archery. When hunting season is a few months away, the training focuses on building up your work capacity and fatigue resistance. But as season approaches, the training will adapt and begin to shift toward more situational training to prepare you for making the perfect shot, no matter the variables.

No more target panic. No more having to quit early on a hunt and leave empty-handed because your body was too exhausted. And no more missing that perfect shot.

Ready to become a Backcountry Beast?"


Protein: Bucked Up Buck Feed or MTN OPS AMMO

Creatine: Kaged Creaclear or MAN Sports Creatine

Pre-workout: Gameday, Pre-Kaged, or Bucked Up WOKE

Post-workout: Any Whey Protein or Re-Kaged by Kaged Muscle

[Download the Plan HERE]

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Cody Oneill
Cody Oneill

January 15, 2020

So after 6 yrs of being stagnant out of the marine corps, I’m going to give the basic endurance and backwoods beast a go round. Ideally I want to get back to my grunt days.

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